Escrow Account Management

Elevate Your Escrow Account Management with EMS

In today's Escrow industry, banks must harness a cost-effective and agile real estate escrow management environment. EMS confronts these challenges head-on with its component-based design, presenting a low-risk approach to reengineering existing Escrow Account Management processes. It empowers banks with the flexibility and business agility required to adapt to changing conditions, ensuring they remain competitive in the market.
Impeccable Payables Management:
EMS effortlessly handles Trust account regulations, meticulously recording project construction-related payments while providing robust documentation for disbursements. It also efficiently manages payments for administrative expenses and other disbursements, guaranteeing precise tracking and transparent financial operations. Moreover, EMS ensures timely disbursement of retention amounts, safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders.
Streamlined Account Management:
EMS takes account management to the next level. Through virtual account integration, it enables direct payments, streamlining transactions and minimizing manual intervention. Our innovative manual mapping tool efficiently maps payments received in escrow accounts without virtual accounts, offering flexibility and convenience.
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