Corporate Internet Banking (CIB)

Experience the future of banking with CIB Mobile (iOS & Android) by Al Faris International Group, where we bring Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) directly to your fingertips.

Seamlessly access and manage your accounts, perform transactions, and maintain full control of your finances from anywhere, anytime.
Streamlined Cash Management:
DBA simplifies corporate banking with a suite of features that cover all aspects of cash management. From digital onboarding, point-of-sale transactions, and payroll management to e-commerce solutions, petty cash cards, and prepaid cards, DBA offers a wide range of online services to meet your corporate financial needs.
Online Offering at Your Fingertips: DBA provides a wide range of online services, including point-of-sale Experience the ease of managing your finances from anywhere with our secure internet banking platform, including account summary, cash management, MOI payments, SADAD invoice service, cash deposit solutions, bills management, transfer management, bulk payments, and more.
Marketplace Opportunities:
Embrace innovation with DBA's marketplace feature, allowing you to expand your revenue streams and enhance customer satisfaction. Sell a variety of products and services, including banking products, partner services, and a diverse range of financial and non-financial products for SMEs. Our marketplace opens up new possibilities for your business, making DBA not just a banking platform but a dynamic ecosystem that propels your corporate operations forward.
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