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Technological innovation offers you new ways to conduct business, reach customers and share information across the value chain. These innovations allow companies to thrive in the highly competitive consumer products and retail markets.

To fully exploit this opportunity, you need a holistic strategy that includes developing and aligning the channels for marketing, sales and service processes. New digital strategies, including online banking, social media and mobile devices create marketing opportunities and help drive additional revenue.

As one of the leading internet banking software providers, Al Faris is at the forefront of this exciting technology. Half of our 50 staff is involved in research and development, thus Al Faris is always focused on ensuring that we remain at the leading edge of technology, delivering modern solutions which provide our clients with a competitive edge. We have always been at the forefront of developments, leading our customers in deploying new solutions. For example, delivering banking services to customers has come a long way since those clients had to queue in a branch to obtain service. Telephone banking was a great step forward, allowing customers to carry out many transactions with a simple phone call but it still meant adhering to call centre opening hours. For the banks, significant investment was still required in running these call centres. Internet banking solved these issues. Now online banking customers can simply log on to their web banking site at home and carry out the full range of banking activities whenever they wish. This service delivery model was also a leap forward for banks who now needed less investment in branches and call centres to deliver services.

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