Network Infrastructure Services

With increasing demands for convergence of network and IT, service quality and customer insights, it is imperative to enable an infrastructure that is able to provide agility to move with the needs and growth of the business.

Communications Service Provider Network Infrastructure Services from Al Faris blend multiple transport, access and network services coupled with dynamic customer information and real-time network events, to deliver new individual-based services and content.


Our solution can help transform your networks by delivering a virtually unmatched portfolio of solutions for the telecommunications industry. We help:

  • Align network to business needs
  • Analyze your current network and provide network integration services to build an intelligent network infrastructure that acts as a 'value center'
  • Optimize your network infrastructure
  • Reduce capital and operational expenses by transforming legacy networks into an IP next generation network
  • Unlock new business opportunities based on customer experience
  • Improve customer retention and revenue by provisioning new services based on network events in real time
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Technical Support

Our in-depth understanding of various industry verticals enable us to provide innovative and end-to-end technology solutions. We leverage our business knowledge with our expertise across various lines of technology, through our 'Web of Participation' structure which enables us to bring out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain.

Al Faris offers its customers high touch support services that span across software, hardware and technical requirements. Our team of experienced Tier III engineers are available 24x7 through the Web and phone. Our flexible support solutions help you stay competitive in the ever-changing global communication market by offering software and hardware upgrades and repairs. You can also engage our personnel as key members of your operations team.

our specialities

  • Remote Technical Services
  • Al Faris maintains a technical support & maintenance model and flexible software support solutions enabled by a team of experienced Tier III engineers.
  • On-site Technical Services
  • With Al Faris Onsite Technical Services teams, you can increase or supplement your existing technical support capabilities-quickly and cost-effectively, while staying ahead of competition.

Operational Software Design

Software vendors and intelligent devices manufacturers increasingly struggle with the growing complexity of entitlement management system design. They must grapple with supporting new business models, the demands of product lifecycle management, a plethora of entitlement and compliance policies and the unique challenges that accompany corporate acquisitions.

In addition, organizations often lack a comprehensive understanding of business processes required to support their software or embedded software business. This stands as a critical hurdle to the design and development of a robust and scalable entitlement management solution and is often the root cause for high operational costs, and/ or an inability to bring new products or product license models to market.

Al Faris has extensive experience helping organizations make sense of complex entitlement management design issues. Operational Model Design assists organizations in making sense of this complexity by building cross-functional awareness of their operating environment through the cataloging of their prospect-to-support use cases. The introduction of industry best practices and the ways in which Al Faris Software technologies have addressed similar business needs provides vision for the subsequent design of a robust and scalable licensing, entitlement and compliance management system.


Today organizations face intense pressure to stay agile and responsive to a volatile business environment. Emerging technologies cloud, virtualization, mobility, big data and analytics are driving new avenues of innovations and forcing organizations to rethink the way they do business. It is critical that your IT systems are aligned and geared up to meet your business needs. For today and future.

At Al Faris we’re committed to meeting this need by helping you make informed decisions across the lifecycle of infrastructure services delivery. Our team of consultants provide the rare blend of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience to empower the value of your business with technology.

Our Products

Mobile Banking

As one of the leading mobile banking software providers, Al Faris is at the forefront of this exciting technology. Half of our 50 staff is involved in research and development, thus Al Faris is always focused on ensuring that we remain at the leading edge of technology, delivering modern solutions which provide our clients with a competitive edge.

School Manager

Our publishing services include online content delivery and digital products and services. We also offer organized repositories of learning assets; mobile content for textbooks, tablets and smartphones; learning analytics; and the use of collaboration and connected communities to share knowledge and contain costs.

SABB Payment Investigation

SABB Payment Investigation is the business evolution of the Payments factory, enabling banks to achieve more with less. Effectively designed processes and architectures allow a bank which is dedicated to the payments business to execute both revenue- and cost-focused initiatives in parallel.


Online Banking

Technological innovation offers you new ways to conduct business, reach customers and share information across the value chain. These innovations allow companies to thrive in the highly competitive consumer products and retail markets.
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